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3.101 Spring 2017 - Beginner's 5K Group Training Program


Purchasing this item will register you for the Spring 2017 session of our beginner's running group, 3.101.

This 10-week group training program is designed for someone who is not active and would like to run a 5K. It is intended to increase endurance and strength to take you from the couch to the finish line of your first 5K.

Group workouts are held three times a week beginning on Monday April 3rd . This session culminates on Saturday June 10th at the BCBSM Riverfront Run 5K in Detroit.

Workouts are held at the following times/locations:
- Mondays at 5:30pm at the Dequindre Cut Eastern Market
- Wednesdays at 5:30pm at the Dequindre Cut Eastern Market
- Saturdays at 8:30am at the RUNdetroit Store Parking Map
The RUNdetroit coaching staff will lead all workouts. Attendance at each session is recommended but not required. Workouts are held RAIN or SHINE. 

To ensure each participant receives the support they need this season of 3.101 is limited to 80 participants.

All registered participants will receive:

  • Coached group workouts 3 times a week
  • Running 101 Clinic with info on Good Form Running and injury prevention as well as tips on proper footwear and advice on gear and nutrition for running
  • RUNdetroit 3.101 wicking tee
  • 3.101 water bottle
  • Product discounts at RUNdetroit
  • Discounted entry to the Riverfront Run

*Purchase of this item is non-refundable and non-transferable. 3.101 Tee and water bottle will be available for pickup during the third week of workouts, they will not be shipped.

If you still have questions please check out our FAQ or join us at RUNdetroit at 5:30pm on March 29th for an info session/Q&A. 


Do I have to attend every workout?
Attendance at each workout is recommended but not required. If you miss a workout occasionally or if you're just not available on Wednesdays, its okay. Just be sure to do your workout at home.

Do you run in the rain?
Workouts are held RAIN or SHINE. The only time we'll cancel is if there is severe/dangerous weather like tornado warnings or lightning.

What if I am too slow?
You're not. This program is specifically for Beginners. If you are not currently active and would like to run a 5K, this program is designed for you!

Why are you charging for this program now? When is the free program? 
Due to overwhelming interest in the program our operational costs have increased.  We've hired more coaches and added some additional benefits that were not included in prior versions of the program (t-shirts, water bottles, better discount on race entry etc.)


Where do we meet on Mondays and Wednesdays?
The Mondays Wednesday meet up location is the Wilkins Street entrance to the Dequindre Cut in Eastern Market. If you're using GPS input "1800 Wilkins St" which is the approximate address of that location. HERE is a link to the map.


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